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Eton Home Health Care, Inc., is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The foundation was established to accept charitable contributions on behalf of the clients at Eton Home Health Care, Inc. to help advance the physical and mental needs of the individuals in the agency. These donations will be used to fund non-allowable Medical expenses of our clients for educational, therapeutic and recreational opportunities, technical and assistive equipment, dental and medical care and legal assistance when needed. The foundation is non-partisan, non-commercial and non-sectarian.

Individuals with developmental disabilities and/or autism are one of the most vulnerable people in our community. 

Do you know that:

  • Individuals with developmental disabilities are seven times more likely to suffer physical or sexual abuse.
  • Individuals with a developmental disability have an 85% unemployment rate compared to 4.5% of the general population.
  • 50% do not have families who can support or care for them.

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