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Ask Us: Can I Do Physical Activities with an Ostomy?

Ask Us: Can I Do Physical Activities with an Ostomy?

Being physically active is always beneficial to our overall health, whatever age we are.

That said, you may wonder if the situation still holds for your senior loved one when they have an ostomy.

As the community’s trusted home health care provider, we at Eton Home Healthcare, Inc. say it depends on the strenuousness of the activities and your senior’s health condition.

To help you visualize what they can and can’t do, here are activities of varying intensities and their respective considerations.

  • Running

    Before running, you need to make sure that your senior has healed enough. You also have to ensure that they take intervals of walking every few minutes to build back their stamina.

  • Yoga

    The good thing about yoga is that it comes with varying levels of intensity. Make sure that your senior takes advantage of these. Also, remind them to take it at their own pace.

    A homemaker in Oklahoma can help in making sure that their space is sanitary and free of clutter.

  • Lifting weights

    As lifting weights is a fairly strenuous activity, you need to make sure that their incision site is completely healed. Even then, make sure that they start with the lightest weights and keep at it for a while to develop their stamina.

  • Swimming

    The main concern about swimming with an ostomy is leakage. Rest assured, however, that the ostomy pouch and skin barrier are made to be water-resistant. In any case, your senior can enlist the help of our caregivers in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma to make sure that their pouching system is fully secured.

Obviously, before starting with any of these activities, you need to have a thorough discussion on their workout plans with their doctor or healthcare practitioner.

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