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Prevent Bedsores, Here’s How to Do It


Pressure ulcers are painful skin conditions that seniors with mobility issues experience. Popularly known as bedsores, they occur when an individual spends a long time lying in a single position. This position puts unrelieved pressure on a particular body part. Preventing and treating bedsores is a vital aspect of every home health care.

As a reputable homemaker in Oklahoma, we will share tips on how to prevent bedsores in the elderly:

  • Engage in physical activity.

    Range of motion exercises that promote ambulation and circulation is ideal for preventing bedsores. Simple exercises with the assistance of an aide avert the formation of bedsores on the shoulders, heels, hip, and tailbone. More than that, it promotes healthy weight management and boosts their energy levels too.

  • Monitor their skin daily.

    Regardless of whether a senior is exhibiting signs of bedsores or not, it’s best to monitor their skin regularly. Bedsores can develop in less than a few hours, causing discomfort. It is also notorious for spreading quickly. Checking a senior’s skin while bathing or dressing will help identify sores. It can help caregivers to administer treatment.

  • Use specialty bedding to relieve pressure.

    Specialty bedding such as water or air mattress toppers and heel protectors- are effective in relieving pressure. Hence, excellent for bedsores. Depending on your senior loved one’s needs, these devices can be used to ensure comfort and improve their quality of sleep.

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